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A Sweet Pea is an extremely sweet and attractive young woman. Most Sweet Peas consist of -beautiful brown eyes, sweet smile, and a very soothing voice.
I love you my little baby Sweet Pea!
by Cupcake June 15, 2004
A retarded kid who spends his whole life at his computer and never leaves his home. He spends all day on tranceaddict.com tpying short one liner posts and spamming the humour sections with pathetic old "jokes" that everybody has seen a million times before that he obviously gets sent to him via a subscription email service. he does all this in a pathetic attempt to have the most posts on the forum. While doing this, he can't even speak any English and writes with no punctuation. He's also an MP3 kiddie and will only listen to NEW stuff. Anything is crap to him if it's more than 2 months old or isn't by some big producer.
See "retard" for a more simple definition of this character.
by cupcake November 18, 2003
A channel that used to be much music...then much music usa, now fuse. Kicks ass, unlike that pathetic excuse for a music channel MTV. Fuse actually plays what people want to hear. Not the teeny bopper bullshit like britney, christinsa, good charlotte, blink 182, simple plan, etc. They also have a kick ass show called Uranium.
Julia C-If there's metal in your cranium, it's time for uranium...
by Cupcake May 22, 2004
noun, slang for the male penile member, typically used as the subject of a smart ass answer to a dumb ass question
"Can I have some of your sandwich?"
"No, but you're more than welcome to have my zorch!"

"Can I use your pen to pick my teeth?"
"Have you tried using your zorch?"
by cupcake January 13, 2004

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