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The act of eating cheese.

See also tyrophillia and tyrophobia
Tyrophagia before bed can give you wild and vivid dreams.
by Cup-Sellithaine April 26, 2005
An amalgamation of two entirly different things - Cup-Drink and Rasthangatas-Sellithaine, which when put together, form my Suenolian name. Rasthangatas-Drink, my Suenolian soul-mate, takes the other halves of both the phrases.
"Oh Rasthangatas!"
"Oh Sellithaine!" (call and response, called in a provokative, questioning yet fond manner)
by Cup-Sellithaine February 03, 2005
A word to describe a little party, a sexual encounter or a little mischief. (i before e except after c, right?)
A shin-wag (or dig) can be any fun event, but it implies a certain naughtiness.
Hey, Wensley, I know you're up for a bit of a shin-wag/dig.....(provokative, eh?)
by Cup-Sellithaine February 04, 2005
Cup drinks are tasty, convenient and colourful. They come in bright pink (raspberry), bright blue, bright orange and many other colours. They come with a straw that has a sharp point at one end. One of the best things about having a cup drink is grabbing the straw and enthusiastically stabbing it through the plastic lid. Cup drinks bring happiness to the world. Indeed, I am partly named after Cup Drink, my name being "Cup-Sellithaine". My cool mate Clare Atkinson is also partly named after Cup Drink, and her name is Rasthangatas-Drink
"Excuse me, We're really thirsty...Do you have a spare 20 pence piece so we can buy two cup drinks for 10p each?"
by Cup-Sellithaine February 04, 2005
In partnership with Cup-Sellithaine, (myself). Together we try to enlighten the world with Suenolian goodness.
by Cup-Sellithaine February 03, 2005
The love of cheese.

See also tyrophagia and tyrophobia
Being a tyrophilliac, married life is becoming rather tedious. I come home from work, exhausted and hungry, and all I want is a piece of fresh stilton. I make my way to the fridge, only to find my husband lying on the kitchen floor, twitching and gurgling "Des...troy..th-the..ch...eeeeese..." Kicking him away, I open the fridge to discover that all my best stilton had been covered in weedkiller and athlete's foot powder. I should have known not to marry a someone with tyrophobia I want a divorce.
by Cup-Sellithaine April 26, 2005
A play about a ridiculous thing that was COMPLETELY blown out of proportion. Basically, Mary cheats on Joseph with a guy who could have been called Tony. She can't bear the thought of A)Upsetting her husband B)Being stoned to death by an excited crowd of civilians, on account of comitting adultary. So, she takes her chances and tells the gullable Joseph that God came down from the heavens and did the dirty on her, resulting in Mary being pregnant with the so-called "son of god". For generations and generations, this far-fetched story has been passed on, and more and more gullable people have been persuaded that Jesus was the son of a virgin. C'mon guys. Let's be realistic here.
-Oh Joseph, I'm...I'm...I'm pregnant!
-No! erm (think Mary, think!) Er...well, yeah...erm...IT WAS GOD WHAT DONE IT!
-WOW! Are you serious?
-Do you know how holy this makes us, Mary? It's a miracle! What are we gonna call the baby?
-Perfect. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. What a family, eh?!
by Cup-Sellithaine February 04, 2005
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