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When you dont wipe your butt properly and after three or four days it dries up to form hard, crusty, crumbs.
Hey, I never took a shower in three days, and my girlfriend gave me a rimjob, heh, now she has doodoo crumbs all over her face giggity giggity gig-aaa-deee
by Cunt muscle December 29, 2004
A no wipe poopie describes a situation in which a person takes a massive shit, yet the anus leaves nothing on the toilet paper after wiping.
Man I just fell victim to the no wipe poopie
by cunt muscle July 26, 2006
The flagrant deliberate action of ramming penises into male anuses resulting in the littering of the penis with doodoo crumbs.

Depositing penises into the male anus

Opening the male anus to accomidate what appears to be a male penis

The incestual rape of a male by his brother, father, uncle or male-like aunt.
Hey, wanna manorgy?

Oh my yes :)
by cunt muscle July 17, 2006
another name for mochiko chicken that is overcooked and rubberry (looks similar to a zergling that just got burnt by a firebat)
hey paul, you wanna go get some burnt zergler?
by Cunt muscle December 29, 2004
"look at that guy"
"just look at em"
(while pointing at a passerby) hey, loogadaguy...what a fagget
by Cunt muscle December 30, 2004
The name for excrement originating from an alien robot fly
I dont remember ordering this garnite (alien robot pizza eaten by alien robot flies) with zorglorf on it.... ha... ha... ha... you suck *points*
by Cunt muscle December 29, 2004
When you're butt ass freezing
Man, it's butt ass freezing i got frostbitten doodoo crumbs
by Cunt muscle December 29, 2004

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