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or vagina eyes, referring to double eyelids of white people's eyes.

the flaps of a vagina or labia majora and labia minora resemble double eyelids. no vagina is monolided or has one lid/flap, so cunt eyes or vagina eyes are for double eyelids. the way labia majora and labia minora connects to the clit of a vagina looks like the inner part of white people's eyes, towards their nose bridge region or center of their face.

even if after vaginal rejuvenation, there are still both labia majora and labia minora. that makes vagina eyes or cunt eyes a description of double eyelids. whoever made cunt eyes term describing asians or monolids has never seen a vagina. they need to get their eyes checked. ironic isn't it. stupid white people can't even insult right; cunt eyes are for double eyelids, just like the vagina with labia majora and labia minora.
"whoever thinks cunt eyes refers to Asians or monolids is too dumb to exist, or a loser fat cunt who can't fuck, or too blind to see and needs to get their eyes checked (ironic), or a fat cunt who is too fat or obeast to see her own cunt, and can't tell the difference that double layers or flaps of vagina are like double eyelids, not single monolid."
by Cunt has double lids you moron October 04, 2012

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