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3 definitions by Cunning Stunts

I feel so bad for you
David: Dan, don't you have a midterm tomorrow?
Dan: Yeah, I haven't even started to study.
David: It's freakin' 2am in the morning, why have you been redditing for the past 6 hours?! ifsbfy, ysd.
by Cunning Stunts October 02, 2012
you're so dumb
Dan: I feel so bad for you! ifsbfy
David: Why?
Dan: Cus ysd!
by Cunning Stunts October 03, 2012
dead skin, concealed beneath facial hair, that flakes away when you play with it, leaving a trail of snow down the front of your shirt. very similar to the concept of dandruff, but mostly only applicable to men.
dude, you've got mandruff. shampoo your face.
by cunning stunts September 29, 2009