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A person or group who urgently want a word or phase to come into common usage, and because of this, overuse it, or use too obviously and inappropriately. AND YES I see the irony in all this.
"By the minty nipples of Marduk !" this McRib sandwich is delicious. And "By the minty nipples of Marduk !" so are these fries.

Why is he talking like that?

He's a desperanto.

Oh, That is sad, I'll buy him a small beverage.
by Cuneus Stern October 12, 2013
1- To make a property or dwelling difficult or impossible to break into without the use of machines or tools.

2- To make safe from wandering tuffs or damage from civil unrest.
I'm Zombie-Proofing the basement by installing glass block windows.
by Cuneus Stern October 02, 2013
An expression of surprise and joy, by presumably referring to the nipples of a Babylonian god that were, for the sake of this expression, inordinately minty.
" By the minty nipples of Marduk !" this McRib sandwich is delicious !
by Cuneus Stern October 12, 2013
The medical condition that results from getting used to the support of Doc Martens footwear. The primary symptom being the discomfort one feels going barefoot after wearing " Doc's" for a period of time.
"I can't walk barefoot on my hardwood floors anymore, since I got Doc Foot. "
by Cuneus Stern November 03, 2013
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