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2 definitions by Cumguzzlingfuckwhorehomojock

A straight-acting, straight-looking high school-aged or college-aged athletically-inclined young male with overwhelming homosexual cravings for all his fellow team-mates. The cumguzzlingfuckwhorehomojock easily assimialates himself in with the other athletically-inclined jocks in his school clique, with the intention of systematically sucking the cocks of, and guzzling the cum from, all his school team-mates before graduation. He also intends to anal-fuck or be anal-fucked by every one of his athletically-inclind school team-mates, also before graduation. He plans innocent-sounding, one-on-one alone time, with each team-mate (usually a sleep-over or week-end get-a-way trip) that includes a selection of a wide variety of alcoholic beverages followed by suggesting a casual, impromptu, late-night, masturbation session to straight porn in his bedroom, dormroom, or vacation motel room. When fellow team-mates are at the height of their hormonal excitement, the cumguzzlingfuckwhorehomojock introduces the unsuspecting team-mate to the joys and pleasures of the more-readily available and easily obtainable homosexual jock-on-jock gay sex activities and possibilities. The cumguzzlingfuckwhorehomojock rarely is rejected due to the inebriated state of his jock-buddy, his own young, fit, gym-ripped body, his school-wide reputation for being a "ladies-man", and his charm and charisma that tends to get females and males to comply with his wishes, suggestions, and desires.
by Cumguzzlingfuckwhorehomojock August 12, 2011
Semen ejaculated from a penis and used in absence of any commerically marketed processed sexual lubrication. Most often used by masturbating teenage boys who reach a first orgasm and then use their own jizz to continue stroking their still-erect cocks, resulting in a second orgasm. Also jizzlube is used frequently by gay men engaging in bareback anal sex. When the bare-backing "top" climaxes first, he will often use the jizz he ejaculated onto or inside of the asshole of the "bottom" and continue repeated anal penetration, using his own cum as jizzlube, until his partner reaches his own orgasm. Jizzlube can also be used in mutual gay masturbation scenarios in a similar way as described above.
by Cumguzzlingfuckwhorehomojock August 12, 2011