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3 definitions by CumBuckets

Nickname for any large, creepy, male teachers.
Meat Patty says he wants to play with teeth!!!
by CumBuckets March 15, 2005
7 6
Phone sex. Especially where the girl is being completely played.
Matcheboyte with that Asian chick last night was amazing! I wish she wasn't missing so many teeth and didn't have AIDS.
by CumBuckets March 15, 2005
2 6
1. To ejaculate onto something
2. The noise made while during orgasm
1. I totally bwopped on her face; I don't even feel bad about it.
2. Last night's matcheboyte was absolutely amazing. We started talking and a few seconds later... BWOP!!!!
by CumBuckets March 15, 2005
21 32