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It's your nutz.
Your Bo Jangles!
Yo my Bo Jangles be Danglin' and Janglin' and Danglin' and Janglin'.
by Cum-Chup June 11, 2005
The Man - The Blackest Man in Hollywood.
The Definition - A very dark-skinned African-American.
Yo man, did you see Snipes the other night? Neither did I. Hah Biznatch.
by Cum-Chup August 09, 2005
A Chinese-African Man - a Chinafrican.
Yo Dat Tigah Woods ain't black, he's Blackenese.
by Cum-Chup August 09, 2005
It something you say to someone who gets out in a game to really annoy them. For instance, if your playin' basketball, or cards or something. Me and my homeboys tried this shit and it's fuckin hilarious.
Man 1 - Damn man, I fuckin got out.

Man 2 - Hey Man... You Playin?

Man 1 - Fuck you man.

Man 2 - Dahahahahah!!!!
by Cum-Chup June 11, 2005

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