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A douche, but spelled as if it were a nerf product.
Guy 1: Dude you wanna toss the DOOSH around?
Guy 2: No dude, that's gross.
#doosh #douche #douchebag #bag #nerf
by Cum 5 April 27, 2008
Suing somebody over your own stupidity.
Guy 1: Dude didn't Will have sex with Susie last night?
Guy 2: Yeah I think so.
Guy 1: Well I hear he's suing her now.
Guy 2: Damn he's just Judge Judying it then.
Guy 1: I know right? What a bitch.
#will #susie #judge judy #judge #sue #bitch
by Cum 5 April 27, 2008
The act of throwing a gallon of diner bar-b-que sauce down the fourth floor stairs of Cumberland Hall.
Guy 1: Dude i'm bored what do you want to do tonight?
Guy 2: Well i stole this gallon of Bar-B-Que sauce...
Guy 1: Are you thinking what i'm thinking
Guy 2: Bar-B-Q'in it
#bbq #bar-b-q'in it #bar #b #que
by Cum 5 April 27, 2008
The coolest place ever in University of Maryland, College Park

Features such characters as:
Pussy Hands McGee, OTG, Jerry Curl, Sandy the Gay thief, Burn Out, Dick Leg, Neandertall, Fagly, Sexstaban, Daycare, Dave, Steven Hawking, Herb, roid berg sketchroid judge judy, wild and wacky wollins, Wii would like to play, chriten, Deaf Fuck, Frugal Jew1, Frugal Jew 2, Hardon Sour Kraut, Token, and Lois the virgin
Guy 1: Dude lets go to Disneyland its so cool
Guy 2: Fuck you bitch I'm going to CUM 5
Guy 1: Why didn't I think of that.
#cum #cum 5 #5 #awesome #maryland #umd #md #cp #college park #cumberland
by Cum 5 April 27, 2008
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