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an anti-depressant drug
people who get really depressed and suicidal, and stuff take it to get happy, even bi-polar ppl take it in severe cases. i'm researching up on prozac for my planning class.
i don't know alot about it, but i do know that in certain curcumstances, it can be very harmful.
by Cucumbermonger November 10, 2006
The feeling within one's head after becoming intoxicated by something new. Often a fuzzy, tingly or foamy feeling accompanied by warmth reminiscent of being in a sudsy bath. Other accompanied symptoms include sluggishness, blurred or fogged vision and contentedness.
Jim was feeling sudsed after smoking his last blunt in his parents basement; Scarlet told her friend Suzy that she was going to get sudsed after finishing her homework and asked Suzy to join her; I'm so sudsed, bro! Time for a nap. :)
by CucumberMonger January 07, 2015
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