3 definitions by Cuckolding Princess

A woman who is a cuckoldress and expects more than just another man to have sex with. This woman believes her husband or boyfriend isn't worthy of her body so she leaves him in the cold while she finds other men to play around with. It's usually an open relationship where he knows all about her lovers. Her husband or boyfriend might even help her get ready and pay for the date as well while he sits at home alone and waits for her big date to end. He might even watch the outcome or more if the cuckolding princess allows him to.
The cuckolding princess enjoyed spending her husband's money while her date pleased her in ways her cuckold husband could never have.
by Cuckolding Princess September 05, 2011
The incorrect spelling for cuckolding.
The moron decided he wanted some cuckholding experience, but the Cuckolding Princess laughed at him when he got the word wrong.
by Cuckolding Princess November 01, 2011
The word fluffer used to be used exclusively in the porn industry. The fluffer would keep the men hard when needed by stroking or giving blow jobs. Fluffer can also mean the cuckold who is forced by his cuckolding princess to get down on his knees and fluff up her boyfriend before sex.
Baby, I'm bringing a hot man home for sex later and I need you to be my fluffer because I don't want to mess my lipstick up.
by Cuckolding Princess September 17, 2011

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