1 definition by CuMtItS

A large culturally diverse suburb of Akron, Ohio. Known to the natives as C-Falls, Caucasian Falls, Cocaine falls, Pharmacy Falls, Angry White Man's Town, Dirtball Falls, and The White man's Hood. This city has both a high class and a low class with drugs and racism bringing the two together. However this city is safe, very little actual violence happens. "Gangs" are a bunch of pussy-ass high-school wiggers who talk mad shit and do nothing about it. It is known for its legendary marijuana, broad selection of prescription drugs, and it's non-existent police force. There are NO cops. Overall a famous, glorified, predominantly white, shithole. Also the bitter enemy of Stow.
I went down to Cuyahoga Falls for some good flame, got a half of some seedless stemless Maui Wowie.
by CuMtItS November 02, 2010

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