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A new wave of weirdos that take pride in their strangeness and lack of identity. A blend of existentialism with a new found optimism. These people surround themselves with chaos, but enjoy every minute of it. They are often heard listening to rap, hip-hop, techno, rock, or whatever gets them through the moment. They usually would rather listen to their own music or that of their friends. They often contain an inner paradox. They can be violent in appearance but be a hippie at heart, or they can be flamboyant but crazier about girls than any straight-looking jock or vice versa. They do not play sports, but they love adrenaline. They can have a sad look in their eyes, but be the happiest people in the world. Starting to get the point? Mystery is their middle name, happy endings are their game. They are often impulsive, but always with good intentions. They are easily caught up in the moment. They might try and get in fights all the time but when they find it, they usually will let the other person beat them to a pulp without even throwing so much as a punch. They like cats. They binge. They are generous, not just with material goods but with their love. They never give up on those childhood dreams of a better world, and they most certainly never give up on humanity. However, they might appear cynical. They are tricky. They might be part of gangs that would never hurt a fly. They are romantics, and they love late nights full of sex.
by Cstak December 11, 2009
Confused, Strange, Weird, anything out of the ordinary,
That girl with the painted face is on some tripster shit. That guy blocking traffic because hes busy professing his love to God is on some tripster shit. Hey that poem you wrote was on some tripster shit. I dont know what to do, Im on some Tripster shit.
by Cstak July 12, 2010

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