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Thought you are having sex with a person and figuring out it wasn't them.
The Catholic Priest Felt Sexual Regret when he accidentally molested a little girl not a little boy.
by Crzyfkr October 07, 2010
Something you yell out when your team is losing or you have to pay a expensive bill.
John- Mother of Jesus Christ i can't believe the Patriots are losing to the Raiders

Me- I guess the patriots just suck
by Crzyfkr October 07, 2010
Mongo Chow is weed or pot that is highly addicting.
John- I thought star wars phantom menace was a great movie
Me- How much Mongo Chow have you been smoking?
by Crzyfkr October 04, 2010
Is a alcoholic Drink that the racist or nazi's drink to salute Adolf Hitler. You take Vodka and mix soda and Budweiser and alot of other drinks you want to add then you got a Adolf Hitler.
John- I'm thirsty i think i would order a Adolf Hitler

Me- Adolf Hitler? That was cold man

John No that is a real good drink! He gets the drink and drinks it up. AHHHHH....... Next i will get a Joseph Stalin

Me- WTF????????????
by Crzyfkr October 06, 2010
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