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4 definitions by Crystam

A person who is feeling the high of being on drugs.
He is totally brooming, look how crack ass he is acting!
by Crystam August 14, 2007
A really hot day, where as if you were to put balogne on a vehicle, it would peel off the paint.
Wow, it is suuuuch a balogne day today, we should hit up the beach.
by Crystam September 05, 2007
A crack shack. A place where drug use is acceptible, and permitted, sold and bought.
Tito is on his way to the broom closet to pick up.
by Crystam August 14, 2007
A broomer is an excessive drug user, who will use drugs in the public if he/she wants. They will go through drastic measures for the thrill of a drug, such as crushing up T3's, or perks.
Oh my God, look at that girl, she's a total broomer!
by Crystam August 14, 2007