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Common nickname for the Daily Mail - UK tabloid newspaper aimed at uptight Middle Class English people and generally disparaging towards women, especially celebrities. For example, frequently printing images of celebrities going about their daily lives, looking perfectly normal, and then criticising them for wearing trainers or not wearing make-up.

This phrase is much used on DigitalSpy forums.
I can't believe the Daily Misogynist are at it again! One article criticising working mothers and another slating Kim Wilde for going to the shops in jeans and trainers.
by Crystal_M August 15, 2010
What older ladies do to their overgrown greying pubic hair in readiness for sexual encounters.
Liz Jones spent some time Combing the Collie prior to hooking up with the Rock Star, having failed to be able to find a local waxing parlour, and not having had intercourse for three years
by Crystal_M August 15, 2010
1) A man made fake built environment with say, plastic trees, astroturf, unreal, not natural;

2) Being in a group of unreal or fake people;
OMG I went to and AA meeting yesterday, what a fkn fakescape, half of em plastics were blatantly lying
by Crystal_M August 15, 2010

To pull an unpleasant face on realising one's dinner guest / date is a vegan (strict vegetarian).
I couldn't help but vegurn when she suddenly told the chef she was a strict vegetarian!
by Crystal_M August 15, 2010
1) Authentic Environment;

2) Being in a group of 'real' and connected people;

3) Name of an Emergency Exit systems design company:

4) Name of Jules Tolchard's art projects and website;

5) Opposite of 'fakescape'
1) "Keep it real, stay in the realscape dude";

2) Get out of my realscape, you're fake as fuck, stay in your own fakescape;
by Crystal_M August 15, 2010
Sarcastic derogatory way of sneering at someone who is pathetically crying.
She was giving it all the large Boo Hoo Hooing, I so don't care about her
by Crystal_M August 15, 2010

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