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When you are out having a good time with your friends at the bar, and one of you says something slightly offensive to a bartender. This part time hero comes to the rescue defending her with terms like "hey watch it bro" or "why don't you pick on someone your own size".
characteristics may include:
popped collar
cargo/camo shorts
case of natty ice
dvd of american pie
new jersey accent
silver chains
hair with product
yea we were all out trying to have a good time when Tony hit on the waitress, and some casual hardass tried to start a fight
by Crystal Jiovanna November 12, 2007
driving around developments getting high.

eventually all the houses look the same and you and your friends can laugh wildly at the conformation of society.
Tara- do you want to go developmenting tonight?
Crystal- yea they just put up some new houses on the corner, same ol same ol..vinyl siding, two car garage, and a white fence.
tara-damnit i was hoping for bricks.
crystal-we cant win um all
by Crystal Jiovanna November 12, 2007
When a relationship becomes a relationshit. Usually comes after 3-4 months with an immature fuck face. Breaking up without dignity, through texts messages or schemes.
I got the fuck over last night, right after Mike and I had sex he pulled out a tresure chest full of gay anal poop sex porn. I knew his penis was small and brown for a reason.
by Crystal Jiovanna November 12, 2007
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