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Take advantage of,use or be scandalous, or get over on someone
Like if sum dudes invite u 2 a party and they know that this clique gonna b there that want to jump u..then then dudes tryna do u in

ex: If yo sister say bring her car back on full, but b4 u left to use her car the tank was on 1/4....she tryna DO U IN, cauz she tryna get her tank filled, and act like u used her gas up.....Then u realize she tryna do me in
by Crystal Br June 27, 2007
It means ay baby. Like Hey Girl....or Hey lil mama, i want your attention
If a dude is in the club, and they see a fire chick and they want to get their attention they say "Ay Bay Bay" to them.

Like Aye Bay Bay by Hurricane Chris
by Crystal Br June 21, 2007

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