4 definitions by Cryogenic Stasis

Ridiculously fucking hot.
That dude is fuckin smoking. Let's order him a few more pints so we can get it on.
by cryogenic stasis November 21, 2004
the whole face piece
dude your grille is fucking busted
by cryogenic stasis December 02, 2004
Direct from the motherland, a more eloquent way to refer to a smoking female specimen. After all, she's not a donkey.
I had a jolly ol' time last night with my blokes up in Newcastle. You should have seen Nigel score that smashing piece of townie arse, right as the bar closed at the puritanical hour of 11pm.
by Cryogenic Stasis November 21, 2004
A tool to fix up a gnarly grille. Un-fucking up that which is truly fucked. That which fixes a saggy ass drunken, sallow face.
Amy was looking into the mirror under the fluorescent lights at Store 24 and decided, "Shit, I need a grille debuster."
by cryogenic stasis December 02, 2004

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