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it's my name idiots! it only applies to me. .think ur cool lookin it up well it doesn't mean anything to YOU!!not to be confused withcrotchcricket
"my nick is crutchcricket"
by Crutchcricket February 17, 2004
A sound made by the socialy retarded in a vain attempt to sound cool online. This sound is rarely heard in real life. Even smacktards aren't that stupid, as to utter it outloud in public.
"I own this match!! Bwahaha!!!"
"Bwahahahyou cant' hurt me! not with my cheese helmet!!
by CrutchCricket February 17, 2004
A smacked retard that should never be online. Smacktards usually participate in such activities as blowing up his own team killing himself repeatedly etc. In real life smacktards conceal their nature but can easily be sniffed out with some lysol. If a smacktard is seen online he should be shot repeatedly in the head before he can do any damage.
"HEY SMACKTARD!!! (fired shots at head)"
"Yo smacktard you're on the BLUE team idiot!"
"Fuck we lost again. Let's go massacre the smacktard.It's his fault."
by Crutchcricket February 17, 2004
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