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The "hung over" feeling you get after a night of doing drugs.
The only cure is more drugs.

Youre not high anymore but you might as well be, the way your head is all stewy. (Stewy as in thicker and chunkier than the soup it was a few hours before, but still pretty liquified) Your eyes are crusty and your reactions are slow.
"Dude, its 10am, are you high already?"
"Nah, man- just drug nasty."

"Im too drug nasty to clean this mess up. Load me a bowl, Ive gotta clear my head."
by CrusherOfFlowers April 26, 2010
A fatty, usually a women; also works well for men with front heinies and women with FUPAs

I think it comes from "blousing strap" that keep your pants from coming out of your boots in the military. Im sure you can work that into a fatty coming out of her too small clothes.
"Whoa! Lets watch the blouser squeeze into that Mini!"
"Check out that blouser! I wonder which way is front..."
by CrusherOfFlowers April 25, 2010

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