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3 definitions by Crusha

A moron, someone who, when born, never took the pussy off his head.
That fucking guy is such a snapperhead.
by Crusha May 04, 2004
183 53
Bone, Johnson, Jimmy-Mac, Schlong, Pecker, Cock, Dick, Wang, Carrot, Knob, Biscuit, Tool, Pliner.
She was looking for a little candy, so I let her lick my cock-o-pop.
by Crusha March 31, 2005
3 4
A sweet, delicate, delcious, desirable vagina. See also booty but much sweeter and more refined.
Dude, she has the sweetest puttee.


Baby, how's your puttee?
by Crusha July 02, 2004
1 2