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Refering to basketball. Calling a time out when you dont have any remaining. To pull a "webber"
North Carolina won the national title with a 77-71 victory in the final game over Michigan. The most memorable play in the championship game came in the last seconds as Chris Webber tried to call a timeout when double-teamed by North Carolina. Michigan had already used all of its timeouts, so Webber's gaffe resulted in a technical foul.
Jimmy: What a great game. 15 seconds to go and we are down only one point.
Timmy: Get the ball inbound Wally!
Jimmy: WHAT! Wally called a timeout with none left.
Timmy: I cant believe he pulled a webber.
by Crunkzilla March 08, 2008
When you are so stoned, that you feel that you're higher than bird pussy.
Stoner 1: Pass the blunt
Stoner 2: Man im so blazed i feel like im higher then bird pussy.
by Crunkzilla March 08, 2008

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