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Slang term for duct tape, specifically applied to make stuff look like it was chromed (such as cars.) it is extremely cheap and easy to get, and non toxic, unlike real chrome, rednecks always have a few dozen rolls of it in the shed (or truck.) It can be used to dress up your house, car, head, or cat.
Even redneck chrome couldn't make Bob's Ford Bronco look cool.
by Crunkonius November 10, 2005
Automatic transmission, doesn't have the manliness of a direct engine-transmission linkage like a manual. Easier to use than a manual, good for lazy people, not as capable (performancewise) as a manual-transmission car. Not to be confused with Bitch Stick, a device used to beat women.
"Man I got bitchslapped by a bitch-stick!"

"Dude take your car and burn it, now."
by Crunkonius November 10, 2005
Adj: someone completely unresponsive; person in a deep state of sleep, or dead person

V: Action lacking motivation or effectiveness
She's been shiavoed out for the past 17 hours, she got crunk last night

She really shiavoed her part, now we have to do all the fucking work.
by Crunkonius May 19, 2005
Boring. Consists of uninteresting entries about one's life in a small screen resolution using a ridiculously stupid format and/or loaded with links. Also mandated by law to contain 5 gigabytes of political banners/videos/documents
"Now don't read the blogs Jimmy, don't forget your brother committed suicide after reading those!"

I hate blogs.

"D00d check out my bl0g!!"
*response* "How about you check out the edge of my knife?"
by Crunkonius January 03, 2006
1. Common language in games used by prepubescent males, usually those with intelligence quotients lower than 80 or just those that have no outside lives. Usually used by caucasians as black people and mexicans can rarely afford computers that keep up with the latest games.

2. Toned down version of English containing no large words and involves concentrating mental energy on deciphering the random sequence of numbers and symbols passed off as "words" Probably the most advanced thing "13375p33k" users can accomplish
Leetspeak = 13375p33k

I win, I beat you = 1 p@wn3d jo0 n00bzOrZ!

Cheater!, Hacker! = OMFG HAxXORz!
by Crunkonius July 24, 2005

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