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n. pl. Slang for cigars emptied of their tobacco and refilled with marijuana. From "Philly Blunts," a common brand of cigar used for this purpose.
"Hook me up with one 'a dem chocolate Phillies, yo!"
by CrunkDawg May 11, 2003
n. Highly attractive; "fine." Typically said to express a desire to engage in sexual relations with.
Janine is mad humpable.
by CrunkDawg April 30, 2003
n. pl. Derogative slang for those with dwarfism; "midgets."
Yo! People McNuggets headed this way, dude...
by CrunkDawg May 14, 2003
(n.) One's virginity.
I just took your v-tag.
by CrunkDawg October 16, 2003
(n.) Imbecile; dumbass. See also: "dildo," "douchebag," "beata."
Wow, you really are a fuckbasket!
by CrunkDawg November 03, 2003
n. Typically slang for Valium (trademark name for the drug diazepam), a prescription benzodiazepine anxiolytic/sedative; can also be used as slang for Vicodin (trademark name for hydrocodone/ acetaminophen combo), a prescription semi-synthetic opioid painkiller.
Ay, dawg -- if you needs some V's, my boy Raekwan be the mufucka you needs ta talk to. Aiight?
by CrunkDawg October 30, 2003
n. A derogatory term meaning an Asian individual who is "uncool" by most people's standards (popularized by Greg Giraldo).
Yeah, Mr. Myagi is cool, but that Jiang Zemin is a real woksucker.
by CrunkDawg May 14, 2003

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