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1. The most craptastic show on FOX since Family Guy. Featuring fake and contrived drama, paper thin characters, and writing so witless and godawful it causes brain shrinkage. Supposedly about being high school outcasts, but explores the issue with the most dumbed down and irrelevant examples possible (umm getting splashed with Slurpees??). Preaches diversity, then proceeds to cast the ugliest minorities they could find and rarely lets them sing or speak. Storylines are lame and every joke misses by a mile. Glee's one saving grace is its music, especially the mesmerizing and heavenly voice of Lea Michele. Too bad this usually ends up being 8 minutes of treasure buried under 52 minutes of rhinocerous turd.

2. A way to make millions of dollars off the works of other artists and songwriters.
You don't have to be gay to like Glee, but it sure helps to be a retard.
by CrunchyCookie October 09, 2010
A retailer that penalizes you $50 annually for the heinous offense of shopping in its stores.
Waitaminute, you guys make us buy 10 gallons of Vaseline, pocket $20 in profit every time, then make us fork over $50 for the privilege? Damn Costco, you a bitch.
by CrunchyCookie June 09, 2011

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