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A guy who has a heart of gold and loves animals, although he tends to smoke naughty stuff and becomes abusive. After every girl he goes out with has a hard time getting over him. Also is nick named Chazza or Chilli.
So basicly Chalande has a heart of gold and very smart BUT doesn't know how to use them yet.
by Crunchi_Munchi October 21, 2011
A quiet girl. Loves animals and loves to be with guys and flirting. Selfish and thinks of nothing but herself constantly. always revolves her life around guys, and thinks education is less important.
Sarah: Hey
Sarah: What you doing?
Etc for a lil while then
Guy: You have a cute voice,smile. body, etc.
Sarah: Omg, 'Becomes a stalker to that guy.
by Crunchi_Munchi October 21, 2011

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