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2 definitions by Crowlae

a lazy fuck, usually does not contribute much if any to the sexual intercourse, acting more as a body there to be fucked, rather than as a buddy with which you have a good time fucking.
Dave: So I heard Sarah's your fuckbuddy, that true?
Mike: Yeah, well, she's more like a fuckbody, she goes face down ass up and makes me do all the work.
Dave: I hate that shit.
Mike: Yeah, she's supposed to be an active participant.
by Crowlae November 06, 2010
10 7
When someone is slutty themselves, but calls someone out for their slutiness.
Jennifer: You're such a slut Kate.
Kate: Well that's just slut irony, cause I'm not the one fucking a new guy every night!
by Crowlae May 19, 2010
3 0