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2 definitions by CroopOnHerChest

Junkpaw - verb - a handjob

Junkpaw(s) - noun - attribute of the hands conducive to the handjob i.e. DSL's for HJ's
"I hope I get laid, but to be honest I would settle for the Junkpaw"

"Nah, nothing happened, just went home and junkpawed myself"
by CroopOnHerChest November 09, 2009
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when you get an HJ and she is wearing a genuine Nintendo PowerGlove, while watching Fred Savage's "The Wizard" and you ejaculate onto the Periodic Table of Elements
After going to the attic and finding my PowerGlove, I talked her into a drunken Science Fist after the party.
by CroopOnHerChest May 29, 2010
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