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1. A hideous excuse for a woman, to the point satan seems pretty.
2. Used in Scrubs; Dr. Kelsoe's name for an intern named Debbie.
3. What me and my friends call our semi-broken Gamecube controller when we play SSB BRAWL
1. Smart Person: Who would watch the Paris Hilton sex tape? That girl is a slagathor.

2. Dr. Kelsoe: I will call all the girls Debbie.
Debbie: Thats my real name!
Dr. Kelsoe: Fine, I will call you Slagathor.

3. Me: Let's play Brawl.
Friend: I'm in the mood for some CoD
Me: I'll use Slagathor.
Friend: your on!
by Cronic Man April 15, 2009

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