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The act of mastermating on cam.
I barged in on Tom camsterbating with Susan and Janet. I didn't know they liked to camsterbate.
by CromwellsWorld April 18, 2009
The foreskin of a K-9.
Look at how saggy that dogs (dog sock) is.
by CromwellsWorld June 13, 2011
A phone prank when you get someone to do things on a public netcam somewhere in the world with them not knowing their being watched by 100's of people from around the world LIVE.
That hooker had no idea we could see her on that netcam in New York City. When she got mad about being stood up and threw that fit it was so funny. We all had a good LaughGasim.
by CromwellsWorld December 29, 2011
A vacation you take at home.
I decided to take my vacation time at home and just take a Staycation.
by CromwellsWorld July 01, 2009
To be in massive debt.
I have an obama with the bank.
by CromwellsWorld May 12, 2011

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