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Kaiden Blake was one of the original scene kings years back but left the internet for a long period of time. He came back and was recently recruited by Clint Catalyst (another scene king) to the Renegades Of Style with people like Audrey Kitching and Linda Strawberry. He used to write on myspace and his blogs would go to #1. He has music written and recorded by him floating around on the internet and has become a popular search on both google and youtube. He talks to all the other scene kings (Clint, Matthew Lush, Alex Evans, Chris Crocker, etc) and models as well. His hair changes more times than some people change underwear but the crazy fangirls love him for it.
SceneGirl: OMG! Did u see the new Kaiden Blake pic?
SceneBoy: no where do i get it?
SceneGirl: Google it!
by CrocoDie June 20, 2008

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