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The sub-genre of dub-step referring to peaceful and non-aggressive electronic noise made rhythmically over a slow drum.

-Most like "chillstep, and Liquid Drum&Bass"

-Often times with good headphones, the sound feels to move around you in 3-D, setting the same mood as Mozart, a peaceful night under the stars, or even relaxing in a hottub.

Vocals often times, Female.
Type Liquid Dubstep into youtube, and you'll find a whole new world.. Google it you find less.

A good song is Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)
by Crobo February 16, 2013
1.A warrior who fights using only speed and stealth found in south east United States,

2. A well known sub-urban gamer

3. Warrior of shadows/ shadow warrior of the Cherokee indian tribe
4. an odd nickname used when playing online videogames
Crobo posesses stealth is better than a ninja, and speed faster than a marathon runner
capable of sensing threats in the area, impossible stealth capabilities, and inhuman like fighting styles.
by crobo July 05, 2009
1. a group of kids, or clique that hang together in a certain area
2. the stereotypical term used to describe teens with long crazy hair, and piercings
goths, emos, jocks, nerds, preps, gangstas, greasers, ext.
any group can be considered a scene

to be scene means to be a part of one of a group
by crobo July 07, 2009
to literally spam dots to your friends on instant messages

do this by pressing the period button, and then enter right after eachother until your friend is annoyed completely
"stop that..."
no, i need to get your attention"
"im busy"
"and thats why i'll keep up the spam dots"
by crobo September 16, 2009
to use your fastest attack as many times as possible in an rpg game
(such as Wow)
"hey mifune, spam attack that boss with your fire bomb attack"
"ok spamming engage"
by crobo September 16, 2009

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