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The act of moving ones bowels over water. Normally done on a toilet, but preforming the act over any water will do. Acceptiable locations include: Jonny on the Spots, Port-O-Letts (any portable lue), Dockside, Boatside, Poolside ……
"Hey Bob! what the fuck is Bill doing?" He's in the bathroom Bombing The Harbor again.
by CroDaddie April 05, 2006
The accumulation of ice and snow that hangs from the fenders behind the tires of cars and trucks.
Look at the fucking size of those autocicle's on that guys car !
by CroDaddie November 15, 2004
A time saving variation of the word production.
Once we get this sucessfully tested, we'll be ready to go productional!
by CroDaddie February 02, 2006

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