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The quality in a Human than allows it to deduce an alternate form of truth, which is only achievable through use of answers in finding the truest question.
What is antelligence? Does it precede intelligence? Is it the opposite of intelligence? Would it be bad, or good if either were true? Is it needed? Can it exist alongside intelligence? Is this definition worth noting?

It appears as though it is.
by Crnic October 14, 2011
The quality of maintaining cognitive thought during the act of having sex. Often times critical thinking in a rational human is dramatically reduced during the act of sex, or actions prior. However when a man or woman is capable of being rationexual during these moments, they retain some higher-level thinking for the sole purpose of facilitating a better sexual experience.
We were so passionate for each other that neither of us could stop, luckily we were rationexual enough to remember we still had a Plan B.

In an attempt to get even more comfortable, I rationexually reorganized the covers and pillows on the bed to support her neck and head, and prop my back up. We went at it for another hour.
by Crnic November 13, 2011

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