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noun - Unwelcome background chatter
"I was giving a captivating speech to an enthralled crowd. When all of a sudden, some loony starts shouting about their stupid position. I hate backshit like that."
by Cristina FS January 17, 2008
adjective - opposite of minimal
"I'm starving. Let's hit In 'N Out and get a couple 4 by's animal-style for a maximal burger experience."
by Cristina FS February 24, 2008
A particularly remarkable, and usually surprising bit of information; an exciting version of FYI.
Mom - "Guess what??"
Daughter - "What?"
Mom - "You're never gonna guess."
Daughter - "WHAT?!!?"
Mom - "OK. <dramatic pause> F.Y.Hi!!! The Governor's son lives right down the street!"
Daugher - "No way!"
Mom - "True story. Hello!"
by Cristina FS February 20, 2008
verb :

the act of willfully increasing one's legume consumption to induce severe gastrointestinal gaseous output, preferably in a very public place
Mortified Mom: "OMG, Timmy!!! (Insert thunderous fart, presumably out in public, surrounded by tons of people.) What in the world was that???!!?"

Timmy: "I know! And I didn't even bean up!"
by Cristina FS June 03, 2009
same as/synonymous to f.y.hi!
f.y.hi. - synonymous to f.y.hi!, see f.y.hi!
by Cristina FS February 24, 2008
noun - Verbal tool used to edify or galvanize an otherwise flippant quip, typically found at the end of a conversation
Mother to in-trouble child: "I cannot believe you cheated on your test!! What were you thinking??"

In-trouble child: "I don't know. I'm really sorry. I won't do it again."

Mother: "I should hope not! When we get home, you're cleaning the entire house."

In-trouble child: "WHAT?!???! Mom, noooooo!"

Mother <waiting for break in whining; it's a long wait...>: "OK. Continuing... No video games, no TV, no fun. Nothing until that house is clean! I don't ever want you cheating again. Understand?"

In-trouble child: "But Mom...!!!!"

Mother: "Uh-uh. Nay. I'm not hearing you. That house gets cleaned. No more cheating."

In-trouble child, dreary and hating self: "Ok..."

Mother: "Oh. And P.S. - Don't do a crummy a job or you'll just be doing it again, Cinderella."
by Cristina FS February 23, 2008
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