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someone or something that is pleasing to they eye, orderly, symmetrical, whose appearance is an outward projection of its intrinsic usefulness. gazing upon it instantly makes you feel calm and secure. usually applies to men and well-groomed horses. can also apply to strong silent women sans makeup who wear Yohji, also well crafted objects with moving parts like a carriage or a clock.
Newton's universe, actor Martin Donovan, a Phillipe Patek watch, polo horses, did I mention actor Martin Donovan? these things are handsome.
by Crinklydink October 17, 2010
something so good it has to be the work of the devil, you hesitate to tell anyone else about because you don't want to share in the evil goodness, needful things.
your mother's spaghetti and meatballs, triple malt scotch, a particularly head-clearing bowel movement, an attractive girl who will lick, flick and even chew your grundle happily and without judgement, cracked wifi.

John: How did you find parking?
Bill: I have this evil good secret spot in an an alley but I'm not saying where exactly.
by Crinklydink October 20, 2010
1. pain-soaked beauty

2. beauty that arises from or is pushed to a never-before-seen extreme by a malevolent force.

3. a feeling beyond the erotic, sets fire to the soul.
an already 5ft10 teenage Charlize Theron sweating and trembling as she watched her mother shoot her father.

a roofied up 20something Elvis slur-singing in his hotel bath while getting fondled by a silent interloper.

blood diamonds.

Stolen Jewish wealth and art languishing in Swiss vaults.

Whatever Kanye covets and cannot obtain despite his wealth, status and connections, and so he burns evil hot
by Crinklydink October 20, 2010
retarded evil. crude, clumsy, stupid, senseless unsophisticated evil.
learning disabled pedophile that freaks out and bashes his young victim in the head shrieking louder than she/he and then buries the remains only a foot deep in his mother's backyard marking it with a popsicle stick cross as if it were a cat and thinking everything is gonna be ok.

Ruth: Did you see that youtube clip of the girl whistling a happy tune while tossing puppies into the raging river?
Joan: I did, that's evil bad.
by Crinklydink October 21, 2010
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