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Moose Lake, Minnesota. Also refers to the lake that the city was named after. It's the location of the State Hospital and MSOP. Population 2,200 in the summer (including prisoners, tourists, and snowbirds), and 2000 in the winter. Also has been mentioned in the popular children's video series, VeggieTales. It is close to Duluth, Minnesota.
Wow, Moose Lake!
by crinklet December 14, 2010
The girl at school who makes a list of everyone she hates and wants to kill. Usually gets caught but in the mean time upsets the people on it. Threatens to put people on it. Talks to the counselor and tries to work everything out.
OMG, I think that one girl is gonna put me on her death list. What did I ever do to her?

Death-list Girl: Don't make me put you on my death list.
by Crinklet June 19, 2008
Higher in rank than Grasshopper. Term given to a friend who is learning advice from you. Originates from toga day at school.
Sorry, Toglet, but I don't think you should have done it that way.
by Crinklet June 19, 2008
A name given to someone who is under the care of another person. Learns from the other person. Higher in rank than grasshopper and toglet. Almost like a sibling to the teacher. Usually given to girls by girls.
Nice one, Crinklet. Try it this way.
by Crinklet June 19, 2008
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