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A group of people who are constantly bashed by redneck, ignorant Americans whose entries are making them look like complete assholes, not the British.
Britian has four countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. NOT JUST ENGLAND. Contrary to popular belief, the British are just as normal as every other nationality. They have better music than most countries (i.e Bloc Party kicks ass), better actors than most countries (Gary Oldman), better books than most countries (Harry Potter) and overall, better than most countries. If you don't like it, go suck on Prince William's balls. If you're American, and you're speaking English, then why in the hell are you bashing them? YOU SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE, DUMBASS. Get over yourselfs and show some damn respect
Ignorant asshat: ooo, bad teeth? You must be British! Hahahaha, hack.

Person: ooo, low IQ? You must be an idiot! Fool!
by CrimsonSmile October 30, 2006

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