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A really incredible song by the band Dream Theater. This song stems a little over 23 minutes long and it is truly impressive. Even if you don't like the progressive rock genre you have to certainly appreciate the level of talent and professionalism that this song produces. The guitar and bass riffs, vocals, drums and keyboards are stunning and very interesting. An extremely impressive song...check it out.
A Change of Seasons by Dream Theater is amazing! You should listen to it!

Okay, i guess I have nothing to do for 23 minutes...

by Crimson Sunrise March 31, 2006
Another amazing entry by the progressive band Dream Theater. Truly inmpressive, this song captures some of the best riffs of the instuments used (guitar, bass, drums and keyboards). Progressive rock haters would probably get a headache from this song but you have to admire the talent that is poured out into this amazing 6 minute song. The ragtime keyboard solo is also very fullfilling!
The Dance of Eternity rocks!

I like rocks...
by Crimson Sunrise March 31, 2006

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