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Congregating wherever aged proto-dance acts play at summer festivals, and typified by the "Dog-on-a-string"; Crusties are aging psychadelia fans, acid burn outs, or just vegans who don't like to wash their hair (or their dog).
Stumbled into the Ozric Tenticles tent, tripped over a dog on a string and had mexican mushrooms shoved up my jumper by a unwashed hippy. I love the smell of crusties in the summer.
by Crikeymiles August 06, 2006
To "follow through" (when farting).

From the Gavin DeGraw lyric: "Aaow, if you wanna be with me, you know you have to FOLLOW THROUGH..."

This is clearly much funnier to a British audience, and when the song was released over here - no-one could take it seriously... not even 12-year old girls.
Urgh! Dude, it smells like you just did a Gavin DeGraw...
by Crikeymiles February 28, 2008
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