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It is referred to as an expression or delivery in cricket which was perfected by the king of swing and formidable express fast bowler Waqar Younis from Pakistan. The term is used when you get a lethal delivery that is a inswinging yorker at high pace usually aimed at leg stump, result of which is a dismissal of bowled or leg before or sometimes if you were really unlucky a toe crusher. This could be done at will and frequency hence the generic term “getting Waqared” spread and became infamous through the county and International circuit. He was also one of the pioneers and probably the best exponent of reverse swing.
England 1st innings

GA Hick bowled Waqar Younis 1 (Hick was Waqared)
by Cricket Buff June 03, 2009
First name of the express pace fast bowler from Pakistan, Waqar Younis.
He is acknowledged as one of the greatest bowlers in the history of the game, he became well known for a slick long run up, whippy sling type action, extreme pace and lethal swing. From the early 1990's he caused mayhem with high speed pace bowling, the use of reverse swing, ability to take wickets and his impressive strike rates. He also bowled in tandem with another fast bowler Wasim Akram and they remain the most successful bowling combination in the history of the game. Together they also changed the focus of fast bowling to concentrate bowling a full length wicket to wicket at the stumps or attacking the batsman rather than the traditional use of short of a length bowling outside the line of off stump.
He was a natural strong athlete who was spotted and groomed by the great Imran Khan. His stock trade mark delivery was the Waqar Younis inswinging yorker, it became one of best sights to view in all its glory on a cricket pitch. A charismatic individual who played the game competitively, keenly and professionally Waqar Younis also gained many fans and admirers, including Usain Bolt (the Jamaican sprinter) who regarded Waqar Younis as a hero and enjoyed watching him bowl.
“Bowled him, yorked, Waqar again.”

It was swift and it was swinging in right onto his toe. He’s been Waqared.
Waqar could even destroy the English batting line-up if he bowls with an orange” quoted legend Geoff Boycott.
by Cricket Buff September 10, 2009
An expression used to describe a camp, narcissistic, eccentric, quirky chap/individual or member of the establishment in satirical humour or derogatory fashion.
Nigel: “How’s the new bloke?”
Damian: “He’s a very Rum Old Boy!”, **laughs
by Cricket Buff May 22, 2011
The term Gullu Butt is synonymous all over Pakistan because of a rural thug gangster called Gullu Butt who became notorious for terrorising people with widespread havoc, vandalism, violence and anarchy.
The term Gullu Butt may also refer to a violent thug with anarchy tendencies that enjoys committing any sort of criminal damage, such as vandalising cars, smashing windows and destroying property. However a Gullu Butt will also aggressively charge and viciously attack people . Gullu Butt is usually funded through a payroll from a Government source, such as a Gunda Tax or receiving backhanded payments from a higher level and is on instructions to commit such crimes.
Gullu Butt is often deployed for bully boy tactics. Gullu Butt may come across as a brutal, menacingly, ferocious character however when challenged a Gullu Butt can prove to be just weak or a coward. Gullu Butt is generally a cross between a rogue and a maverick but with low rate self-esteem values. The weapon of choice for a Gullu Butt is a long baton or truncheon, but will resort to using anything that is available.
Gullu Butt is often seen as a vigilante type of individual (or group of individuals) often appearing in uniform as a policeman or under disguise in civilian dress operating as police touts. However the Gullu Butt term can be used to describe anyone using elements of extreme force as an enforcer with or without violence.
Anon: “Chief Minister is a Gullu Butt”
Anon: “How to respond to the Gullu Butt mentality of this Police”
Anon: “There are so many Gullu Butts in this Police”
Anon: “The lawyer is behaving like a Gullu Butt”
by Cricket Buff September 26, 2014
Infamous slogan became common language and expression used against the problems arising from a corrupt regime. It refers to the removal of an oppressive and fake Government elect of Nawaz Sharif who rigged and committed the biggest election fraud in the history of Pakistan in 2013.
Go Nawaz Go is used by the entire public and all age groups from men, women, children and senior citizens. It is also used in many songs, anthems and since going viral it has spread worldwide on the internet and international public venues.
Go Nawaz Go is also used to demand a resignation from Nawaz Sharif for rigging the election, stealing the people’s mandate and because his Government failed miserably in the wake of the killing of innocent protesters, mass corruption, nepotism, tyranny, fascism, suppressing the poor masses, poverty, huge utility bills, taxes, money laundering, commission agenda and brutally corrupt police and justice system.
During September to October 2014 historic and record attendances at protests in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Mianwali, Multan and Faisalabad with millions shouting and chanting “Go Nawaz Go”. In September 2014 Nawaz Sharif visit to the UN in New York had the world record attendance against a foreign national country head and they were all shouting Go Nawaz Go.
Newscaster: “School children are shouting ‘Go Nawaz Go’ ”
Newscaster: “Flights delays at the airport prompted passengers in shouting “Go Nawaz Go”
Sheikh Rasheed: “You are corrupt, dishonest, sluggish, get out! Go Nawaz Go !!!”
TuQ: “If your electricity cuts out then say ‘Go Nawaz Go’, If your household gas is stopped then say ‘Go Nawaz Go’ If your water supply is cut out then say ‘Go Nawaz Go’, if flies are annoying you then say ‘Go Nawaz Go’, If mosquitoes will not let you sleep then say ‘Go Nawaz Go’ ”
by Cricket Buff October 13, 2014
Maulana Diesel is the name given to Fazal-ur-Rehman a fat overweight politician who has a reputation of using Islam as a political tool for his own self gain. Maulana Diesel tries to create an impression of always trying to look pious and virtuous in traditional Islamic cleric garments and attire including a trade mark orange turban (Paghri). However he is ruthless in his pursuit of colluding and creating coalitions with political ruling parties for political strength, swindling lucrative business deals, privileges, perks and rewards.
Maulana Diesel is a corrupt politician who lives of immoral earnings with a commission agenda, backhanders and kickbacks from Diesel smuggling, applying for contracts/permits for sale of Diesel and allocating plots of land for group family members and political party members. He was also involved in several scandals including wikileaks votes for sale and asking for US backing.
Maulana Diesel is often called Diesel for short as his commission rates also fluctuates and varies with the price of Diesel. Maulana Diesel is usually outspoken, ruthless and venomous with contempt. His political party is the faction JUI although it is not clear if he is a cleric or politician. He is also very vociferous in the National Assembly and Parliament and due to the nature of his portray of an Islamic image, grey beard and background has never been challenged. He also has a complete disregard for women and publicly offends and insults the role of women.
Maulana Diesel has said: “the rule of a woman is haram”
Entire stadium erupts shouting: “Diesel, Diesel, Diesel” as a reference to Maulana Diesel.
by Cricket Buff October 17, 2014
Refers to a character or person from the PMLN political party usually with a low IQ and somewhat deranged disposition. Usually a noonitoon suffers from speaking difficulties, incoherent language spoken or written and uncoordinated gestures. Noonitoons will often hang around in packs or in a social group for support. However a noonitoon will often turn on his own in a fit of rage or when provoked. A noonitoon can also be an individual/s attempting to display violence similar to a Gullu Butt.
Collectively the term noonitoon can also describe PMLN thugs, hooligans, vandals, as well as comical and eccentric PMLN politicians. Noonitoons have alliances to PMLN and on occasions such as rallies, political demonstrations/marches and press conferences their services are paid and bought for to make up the numbers.
Noonitoons spread PML literature and ideology in public media and act as internet trolls on various political discussions, social networks and forums. In general noonitoons usually conspires and prefabricated false allegations and will even resort to sabotage.
A: “Pir Sabir Shah is the noonitoon singing Go Nawaz Go?”
B: “Is it true that Billu Butt is a notorious noonitoon?”
C: “the reporter and anchor is a noonitoon”
by Cricket Buff October 12, 2014

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