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To have a arousing conversation through dirty text messages or sexual delight
I was sexting with my girl last night and boy did it get raunchy. Did you no where she likes to keep her phone when its on vibrate?
by Crew "Spank" Ryan March 25, 2008
Brought to you by greg the bunny. It means cool, sweet, awesome, bitching, groovy, great, chill, super, super duper, tits, amazing, spank, hard rocking, the shit, the shize, gravey, pwn , wow, and bootylicous.
Scatchamigowsa!!! That girl got a jaming ass.
by Crew "Spank" Ryan May 13, 2008
The past tense of sexting. To have sext in the past.

Ex. baby i wan 2 eat yo pussy ;P
I sexted my baby all night long. I have the chaffing to prove it.
by Crew "Spank" Ryan March 25, 2008
A girl that that is a whore, hoe, trick, skank, slut, slut bag, easy girl, skip, scap, scally wag, prostatue, corner girl, dirty girl, open legs, flapper, or corn bread.
That girl is such a whoah, she is like the town bike everyone has had sex with her.
by Crew "Spank" Ryan May 12, 2008

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