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1. something in your way 2. something irrelevant 3. potential road kill awakening speed bump
Florida pedestrians are irrelevant until after you hit one.
by Cresson Stafford March 21, 2007
An unrecognized and socially denied sexual abberation characterized by anyone who must have inappropriate power over another. Usually the abusers social title,teacher, boss, politician,manager, parent, police officer etc. The socialized abuse is justified in rules and laws lacking in a moral compass, enabling said abuser to practice institutional morality as opposed to personal morality.Power being the ultimate aphrodesiac, explaines how this disorder permeates social institutions in denial of said disorder. Social institutions reward this behavior thus enabling the continuance of the pathology.
A powerphile detective and the state governor both gave one another a knowing glance as the prisoner was electrocuted, rendering both eith an erection and a desire for more.
by Cresson Stafford March 21, 2007

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