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A term used to define an unknown number that can be readily identified or presented in its place. Also used in place of a number you will define later.

Pronounced: Juhh-Lev-In-Dee
Example 1
John: "How many chickens are in that coop?"
Mary: "Jelevendy."
John: "Oh, okay, well I'll take all of them."
Mary: "Okay, I'll go count them. That'll be Jelevendy dollars."
Example 2
Max: "How many lights are on that Christmas Tree?"
Taylor: "About Jelevendy; what does it matter?"
by Crescent Omega December 26, 2005
A forum which doesn't live up to it's potential anymore and is filled with morons all except for a few considerate people like Alphasee... and ... that's bout it
www.nhacks.com isn't about neopets cheats/etc anymore? Well, that's because they're pussies
by Crescent Omega March 07, 2005

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