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4 definitions by Crescent Moon

a fuzzy funny-looking animal that goes "rarrrr!"
person: Look at that sheep!
sheep: rarrr!
by Crescent Moon June 21, 2004
676 310
the funnest instrument to play! along with guitar and viola, of course.
Look at my awesome drum set! It's b-e-a-utiful!
by Crescent Moon June 21, 2004
19 15
1-an idiot who thinks they are all high and mighty

2-a preppy cheerleader
1-You're such a dip wafer.

2-You're such a slutty dip wafer.
by Crescent Moon July 19, 2004
2 2
1-my last name
2-that big circle in the sky. Looks like an old donut, but without the hole in the middle of it.
"Hey Crescent Moon!" "That's my name, don't wear it out!"

"Look at that big round thing in the sky! Doesn't it look like an old donut?"
by Crescent Moon June 21, 2004
11 35