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87 definitions by CremeDeLaGherkin

1. the act of taking all the life or substance out of an entity.

2. to kill a buzz or be a buzzkill
we americaned the poor bastard and he went out of business.

the cops really americaned us at that party last weekend.

a large oil company americaned that ecosystem by dumping a massive amount of oil into that lake.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 10, 2008
0 1
slang and derogatory term for a race of men with undersized genitalia.
the people in this part of the world are classified as gherkinoids.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 10, 2008
1 2
Phrase used to describe something that is fake, fraudulent, bogus, inauthentic, phony, etc.
Her tits were so big i swear they are like an american election.

Avril Lavigne is not punk, she is like an american election.
by CremeDeLaGherkin October 24, 2008
5 7
what you would call oral sex with a hermaphrodite,
he performed cunilatio on his hermaphrodite girlboyfriend.

cunilatio requires both types of genitalia to work.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 02, 2008
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a cock-sucker; someone who gives oral sex to men.
she sucked me dry because she is such a filatist or filashist

she has oral herpes of the mouth because she is a filatist.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 10, 2008
1 3
a grossly over-weight Texan with a thick southern drawl, a rifle in his hand, and a bible that he believes every word of yet hasn't read a word of.......he tends to like to go to war, hate homosexuals, demean women, commit verbal hate crimes, and complain about what the queers are doing to the soil.
that god damn texican't is at it again.

you are so dumb you must be a texican't.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 02, 2008
10 13
a very ugly shoe that might have the visual characteristics of mucus.
hand me those there muccusins my boy.

that guy always wears those ugly muccusins.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 02, 2008
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