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87 definitions by CremeDeLaGherkin

Overpriced crap-quality marijuana that is usually very leafy and lacks in potency.
Got anything that isn't shitty american weed?

Fuck, i'm tired of smoking this shitty american weed?

Why can't americans grow good dope?

The american drug war has caused american pot do be very shitty and almost useless to a toker from canada. Plus, it's waaaay overpriced. You might as well smoke dried leaves because it's practically the same thing.
by CremeDeLaGherkin October 24, 2008
A Mennonite gynaecologist.
I gotta go see the zinamaginy. He will ask me if i have been using my hole in the blanket.
by CremeDeLaGherkin October 24, 2008
when you shave your pubic hair into a little miniature mohawk.
that punk rock girl had a beautiful crotch-hawk.

my crotch-hawk is 3 inches high when i gel it.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 10, 2008
that special herb that puts you to sleep at night.
i need to buy more sleepytime herb.

put the sleepytime herb into the sleepytime herb case.
by CremeDeLaGherkin July 02, 2008
Used to describe something that is fake, phony, false, etc.
McDonalds doesn't use real meat in their food, it's like an american election.

by CremeDeLaGherkin October 24, 2008
A white person (usually suburban) who acts and dresses gangster (black, urban). Usually ends up in jail or getting addicted to crack and has a mental defect that makes him/her like rap music.

Also known as a Wankster
Fucking wiggers, they look like retards and act like retards!
by CremeDeLaGherkin October 24, 2008
Someone who posts nasty comments about someone they know on Urban Dictionary thinking that it will end up on the site.

Someone who is completely unaware of how unoriginal and lame it is to post negative comments about people they know on Urban Dictionary.
I enjoy editing Urban Dictionary posts but i get frustrated sometimes with the huge amount of lamebrains, twits, and meatheads posting completely useless bullshit. What a waste of my time, their time, and Urban Dictionary's bandwidth.
by CremeDeLaGherkin October 24, 2008