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10 definitions by Creeping Gibs

1. Sex advice shared verbally and handed down as truth. Usually spread by virginal 14 year old boys that wish to appear more sexually savvy than they actually are. This advice is not only ridiculous, but can often be dangerous.

2. Bragging about sexual exploits while talking to other men in order to foster an image of being a sexual tyrannosaurus. It is commonly accepted as being utter bullshit by the other people listening.
1. Dude, I heard that right after you fuck a skank bareback if you pee on your hands and scrub your dick with it, you'll totally not get herpes.

2. Jim: "Do you really buy that shit about him getting it on with her older sister and her friend?"
Marvin: "Fuck no man, that's just part of Tommy's fuck lore."
by Creeping Gibs November 13, 2010
A game of skill and deception, wherein the man asks the woman to close her eyes, open her mouth and count to ten. The man now has exactly ten seconds to get balls deep in the woman's mouth. Extra points are awarded if he can discharge his wad before the ten seconds are up.

No points are awarded if the woman horks all over his knob.
I woke up and my girl was yawning, I told her to hold her breath for a ten count, I totally gave her the blind sausage, now I have to sleep on the couch for a week.
by Creeping Gibs December 09, 2009
Typically an asshole that spends between five and ten minutes talking to you before mentioning casually that he/she is sick. Causing you to wonder if you've now been infected by what this mouth breathing fuck stick has. Usually its just the common cold, but it could just as easily be ebola.
I can't come in today, fuckin' Patient Zero there got me sick yesterday when he was breathing all over the coffee cups."
by Creeping Gibs April 26, 2009